Sony Lens a Hand to Mobile Photographers

Sony Lens
Great news for camera geeks (like me) around the world! Sony has descended from the celestial clouds of technology wonderland and bestowed upon the earth a lens fit for a smartphone!
This past Wednesday Apple Insider revealed Sony’s new Cyber-Shot QX10 and QX100 lenses with innovative WiFi and mounting features that will revolutionize the way people take pictures with their phones.
We nomads of the media industry value portability and convenience, and I sense that this lens will be the pebble that stirs the lake of traditional lugging-gear-around practices. Soon everyone will have a chance to get their hands on this cool little pod to aid in the pursuit of their art without the cost or clunkiness. That’s not to say that standard cameras will become obsolete, but everyday consumers now have a shot–literally–at sparring with the pros.
For a more in-depth review of the gadget with a charming British accent, check out CNET’s description here.

“Before We Found Our Way”

The Frontier is Everywhere, from The Sagan Series. This clip is also available here.

Timeless thoughts on existence.

“We were hunters and foragers. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the earth, and the ocean, and the sky.”

Enjoy, Earthlings!

Quote of the Day

Image courtesy of http://www.dosomething.org
Image courtesy of http://www.dosomething.org

“You gwyne to have considable trouble in yo’ life, en considable joy. Sometimes you gwyne to git hirt, en sometimes you gwyne to git sick; but every time you’s gwyne to git well agin.”

Jim in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain