“Dear Diary, I’m Isabelle. I don’t know where I am from, not even exactly my age. I’m just a girl learning how to live differently every day. I am a traveller. I like visiting places and collecting mémoires. I’m inspired by everything around me. I love nature. The millions of particles of life. We are nature, weContinue reading “Mémoires”

Top 100 Photos of 2012

Thanks to TwistedSifter.com, I stumbled across these fabulous images taken in 2012 of places all across the globe, and even from outside of it. The visual imagery (real or composed) of each photograph is so stunning, it’s hard to believe that there are many more pictures of equal caliber existing that did not make itContinue reading “Top 100 Photos of 2012”

Oh, The Places I’ll Go

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” -Susan Sontag The wonders of the world are limitless and one can hardly be expected to conquer them all in one lifetime, but I’m up for the challenge. Here’s a bucket-list of places off of the top of my head that I’ve always yearned to revisit orContinue reading “Oh, The Places I’ll Go”

My Whirlwind November

For some, November means growing beards or spending hours preparing a grocery list for a Thanksgiving feast. To me it meant a HUGE, CRAZY, AWESOME life change. I realize how M.I.A. I’ve been, and I vow to start allocating more time to writing. But please, allow me to explain: At the beginning of November, afterContinue reading “My Whirlwind November”