Freaky Friday

What is language anyway?? *insert Twilight Zone theme music here*

I thoroughly enjoyed how awesomely creepy and thought-provoking this was. Hopefully you will too.

Just remember- never kill a snake with your bare hands.


Welcome to the Oscar family, Seth MacFarlane!

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As a huge fan of Family Guy, movies, and laughing in general, I am thrilled to hear that Seth MacFarlane will be hosting the 85th Academy Awards in February. He may be a collector of wacky voices, obscure references, and sometimes vulgar, self-deprecating humor, but MacFarlane is also a man of showbiz. This guy has all of the raw talent and presence to make the ceremony highly entertaining, as well as priceless to audience members who enjoy watching A-listers squirm uncomfortably in their velvet seats while forced to endure playful remarks aimed at their fame and profession.

You’ve been warned, Hollywood: no one is safe from the quick wit of this comedic genius.

For the official announcement by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences click HERE.

Ugly Modeling: Characters Welcome

The name seems pretty straightforward, but Ugly Modeling Agency goes beyond the prejudice of unusual appearances and strives to make the most out of fascinating personalities. National Geographic is pretty reliable for thinking out-of-the-box when it comes to content, and their series Taboo is no exception. The show itself is based on the weirdly-acceptable lifestyles of certain cultures, and does its best to bewilder viewers.

I, for one, embrace the series in all its strangeness and applaud National Geographic for taking audiences outside of their comfort zone.

Check out Taboo and more videos at the National Geographic YouTube channel.