“The Scared is scared”

I came across this the other day and I couldn’t stop thinking about how remarkable a child’s imagination is.

Remember when the greatest worry you had was that it was going to rain and you couldn’t play outside? And even then a storm cloud meant ample mud to play in later. Those were the days…

We spend so much of our childhood wishing to be older, taller, stronger, richer, wiser, etc. We invented games like “House” and pretended to fit in our parent’s clothes. We hated nap time and believed in things like Santa and the Easter Bunny. We climbed trees and ate handfuls of candy as a part of a normal afternoon.

Of course, growing up is inevitable and society requires us to become self-sufficient, responsible individuals. But at what point do the bars on our imaginations close and our playful ambition becomes shackled to mundane work?

I’m simply suggesting that every now and then, look up. Look around you and let your mind run wild with the crazy ideas we once thought possible as children.

The end.

Mouthwatering Photography

Photo by Penny De Los Santos via National Geographic

Food is one of the greatest commodities of the world. Not only can a single bite provide you with nutrition, but it can also transport you into exotic cultural experiences and timeless traditions! Fascinating!

Okay, I’m no food expert, but I certainly know my way around a kitchen table, refrigerator, grocery store, restaurant menu, etc. So combine that enthusiasm for eating with my passion for photography and you have a dinner guest that won’t touch her meal until she exhausts every possible camera angle of her plate. And thanks to applications like Instagram, the world just begs me to share my culinary adventures.

Maybe it’s my obsession with Julia Child, or maybe it’s the fact that I pretend I’m on Food Network’s show Chopped every time I cook, but I know deep down that food and I have a real connection. Food tells a story. Food is my soulmate.

Homemade Cajun chicken avocado sandwich. Image copyright Carla Ramirez.

My advice: try to capture the best feature(s) of your tasty subject. For instance, with this photo I tried to highlight the many layers of my sandwich. If the picture makes you hungry, chances are your audience will be too.

And now, I invite you to feast your eyes upon National Geographic’s presentation for tips on photographing food like a pro.

Bon appétit!

P.S. Just for fun:

One Man’s Trash…

Antiquing in Mobile, AL (Image Copyright Carla Ramirez)

…is another man’s treasure.

I’m embarking on an exciting little project soon about a vintage clothing store and it got me thinking about this photo I had of a cute shop I came across during a road trip to New Orleans. It’s so crazy how much stuff, old and new, there is in the world…

Stay tuned.

Ugly Modeling: Characters Welcome

The name seems pretty straightforward, but Ugly Modeling Agency goes beyond the prejudice of unusual appearances and strives to make the most out of fascinating personalities. National Geographic is pretty reliable for thinking out-of-the-box when it comes to content, and their series Taboo is no exception. The show itself is based on the weirdly-acceptable lifestyles of certain cultures, and does its best to bewilder viewers.

I, for one, embrace the series in all its strangeness and applaud National Geographic for taking audiences outside of their comfort zone.

Check out Taboo and more videos at the National Geographic YouTube channel.