“Dear Diary,

I’m Isabelle. I don’t know where I am from, not even exactly my age. I’m just a girl learning how to live differently every day. I am a traveller. I like visiting places and collecting mémoires. I’m inspired by everything around me. I love nature. The millions of particles of life. We are nature, we only need to understand how to get so close to it. Inside it. It’s only me and my camera, catching little pieces of life combined together. When I shoot, I get inside a new world through the lens. I feel I am different. I like being alone. I like feeling happy. I like feeling sad. I don’t want to be influenced, I need to follow my path and discover what’s hidden in me. I love books. I love that feeling you have when you open those old pages at random, being touched by history. Smelling memories, getting lost inside stories. Searching for the most particular detail in the middle of a big archive. Being carried away by the sound of those papers. Constantly discovering. I am used to dream. I dream of magic places, of standing on watching landscapes, forest and embracing the sun.

Don’t stop yourself. Go over your limits. Make your research richer every moment. Don’t follow any rule, don’t use any map, get lost and breathe every new corner, as it would be the most interesting one. Follow your passions. Walk everywhere. See everything. Feel yourself. My name is Isabelle and I feel very lucky to be the person I am. I collected so many mémoires in my life and thanks to them now I’ve learnt many lessons of life. I won’t never stop doing this. Never. I found my mission and it’s important for me to keep this going on.

Now I’m going to close my diary, with tons of feelings. I’m not quite sure it is the best thing to do, I still feel that something is missed, maybe someone, someone able to share what’s inside my soul. But I will just follow the natural flow of life. Forever.”

This short French film embodies all that I’ve been meaning to communicate since…well, since a long, long time. Chances are, I am not alone in relating to the poetic narrative, so I figured it would be a nice thought to share with whomever comes across it. Perhaps one day I too will find a highway for my own thoughts and share them with a willing listener.

In the meantime, my name is Carla and I feel very lucky to be the person I am.


This is perhaps one of my strangest and most beautifully depressing finds on Vimeo lately.

Actor Aidan Gillen, known for his portrayal of the ever-deceiving Lord Petyr Baelish on Game of Thrones, meanders through the seemingly fantastical English countryside in this short film by Nick Abrahams. The soft lullaby tones of Ekki Múkk by Sigur Rós weave in and out of the narrative like thoughtfully woven threads creating the fabric of the story, which itself is reminiscent of a darkly-British Snow White.

Though the idea is simple, the subtext throughout the entire video resonates through anyone who has ever felt boundaries constricting their curiosity. In other words, lost.

Sony Lens a Hand to Mobile Photographers

Sony Lens
Great news for camera geeks (like me) around the world! Sony has descended from the celestial clouds of technology wonderland and bestowed upon the earth a lens fit for a smartphone!
This past Wednesday Apple Insider revealed Sony’s new Cyber-Shot QX10 and QX100 lenses with innovative WiFi and mounting features that will revolutionize the way people take pictures with their phones.
We nomads of the media industry value portability and convenience, and I sense that this lens will be the pebble that stirs the lake of traditional lugging-gear-around practices. Soon everyone will have a chance to get their hands on this cool little pod to aid in the pursuit of their art without the cost or clunkiness. That’s not to say that standard cameras will become obsolete, but everyday consumers now have a shot–literally–at sparring with the pros.
For a more in-depth review of the gadget with a charming British accent, check out CNET’s description here.

“Before We Found Our Way”

The Frontier is Everywhere, from The Sagan Series. This clip is also available here.

A prime result of lunchtime Internet trolling- this stunning, eloquent piece composed by the inquisitive mind of Carl Sagan. There I was, sitting at my desk, fully prepared to bury my face in the delicious tuna avocado sushi in front of me without a single regard for anything.

Until I hit ‘play’.

It didn’t take long after the first bite to realize that this video requiredno, FORCEDmy absolute attention. It was a standoff between my chopsticks and the computer screen, and the computer screen won.

The video and content is self-explanatory, and yet it will leave you with many more questions than if you’d never watched it. It’s always a curious discussion, that which pertains to the direction of life on Earth. The battle between faith and science is apparent, but I feel that Sagan is simply poking our imaginations to try a little harder at being better humans.

I found the opening words particularly captivating:

“We were hunters and foragers. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the earth, and the ocean, and the sky.”

Enjoy, Earthlings!