Movie-going Gone Horribly Wrong

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What was supposed to be an exciting movie premiere of one the summer’s most anticipated films turned into violence and chaos, and resulted in a tragic massacre. It’s upsetting news to hear the morning after seeing the midnight premiere myself. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

That being said, I have to applaud Christopher Nolan for an excellent conclusion to the Batman trilogy. My qualms about the choppy beginning of the movie, along with Bane’s mismatched accent, had me a little worried about the flow of rest of the movie, but that’s purely from a cinematic critic’s point of view. The rest of the plot unfolded epically.

As an unassuming audience member, I thought the writing was decent (although some of the dialogue seemed a little disconnected) and the action was well-executed. The twist and build-up of the final moments were artfully suspenseful and surprisingly unpredictable. A solid finale overall.

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